We all know we probably need to start eating more veggies. You’re looking out for your health. Maybe you’re trying to do your part for the planet. Maybe you’re going vegan after seeing a documentary—or just (trying to) swap a steak for a salad once in awhile. But where to start? Maybe the last “plant-based” memory you have is of flabby tofu or flavorless steamed…something. These days, choosing plant-based doesn’t mean bland, boring food—in fact it’s just the opposite. That’s where we come in.

We are Plant Junkies. We crave natural, simple and, above all, delicious plant-based options. And we want everyone to get hooked. And not just because they’re better for you. Or better for the planet. We think you’ll become a Plant Junkie because they just taste better. The crunch of cool green veggies in a whoosh of spicy spread. A tangy marinade turning portobello caps into a hearty meatless feast. Drizzling a grain bowl filled with earthy chickpeas, pickled onions, fluffy rice and tender greens.Sounds pretty crave-worthy, right? That’s your body talking! You’ve been longing to eat this way, and we’re here to help you do it deliciously. We think after trying these spreads and dressings just once, you’ll already be thinking of your next Plant Junkie indulgence. Let’s get plant-based—everybody’s doing it. 😉

How Plant Curious Are You?